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Literary Clubs in the US

Adopted January 20, 1877


The Name

The name of this association shall be The Indianapolis Literary Club.


The Object

The object of this Club shall be social, literary and aesthetic culture.


The Members

   Section 1. There shall be one class of members: regular members. (Amended February 4,1991)

   Section 2. Except when the presiding officer deems it inappropriate, voting on candidates for membership may be held at any regular meeting provided: the candidates shall have been nominated by the Committee on Officers and Members, the candidates shall have previously attended at least one, but not more than two, regular meetings and the names of the candidates and the names of their proposers shall have been announced at one regular meeting before the voting takes place. (Amended February 4, 1991)

   Section 3. Nominations for membership shall be in writing on an application form furnished by the Club, completed by the candidate and signed by three members of the Club as proposers. The application shall include the candidate's name, address, age, occupation and a statement that the candidate desires to become a member. In proposing a person for membership each of the proposers represents to the Club that he has discussed the privileges and responsibilities of membership with the nominee and that he is reasonably satisfied that the nominee will take advantage of such privileges and will fulfill such responsibilities. (Amended February 4,1991)

   Section 4. The election of members shall be by secret ballots, and three black balls shall prevent an election, provided that in case more than twenty ballots are cast, one black ball for every seven ballots and one for any fraction of seven, shall be necessary to prevent an election; and no candidate who has been rejected shall be proposed for membership within one year after such rejection.

   Section 5. Before taking his seat, each member-elect shall signify his acceptance in writing to the Secretary, and shall pay to the Treasurer thirty-five dollars and his dues for the club year in which he is elected in accordance with Section 6 below. If a newly elected member shall not qualify within one month after he has been notified of his election, his name shall be dropped from the roll. (Amended October 17, 1949; November 1, 1954; November 4, 1963; April 5, 1971; March 5, 1979; June 30, 1980; June 27, 1989.)

   Section 6. The annual dues of all members shall be determined by the executive committee at a meeting to be held immediately before the first day of July in each year. A statement of this decision shall be included with the bill sent out by the Treasurer on October First. (Amended October 17, 1949; November 1, 1954; November 4,1963; April 5, 1971; April 19, 1976; March 5, 1979; June 8, 1988.)

   Section 7. Membership may be terminated as follows:

First.  By voluntary resignation of a member in good standing when all accrued dues are paid.

Second.  By a majority of the Committee on Rooms and Finance, in case a member has failed to pay his dues for two months after the same are payable, and one week's notice by mail has been given by the Committee before such action; except in case of the absence of such member during the whole of the two months aforesaid.

Third.  By a three-fourths vote of the regular members present at any regular meeting for business, provided that the motion to strike the name from the roll shall have been made and seconded, with reasons stated, at the previous meeting.

Fourth.  Any regular member who shall absent himself from meetings for one club year without valid excuse, may, after due notice sent to him by mail by the Secretary, be dropped from membership on recommendation of the Committee on Officers and Members supported by a three-fourths vote of the members present at a regular meeting. Members who habitually refuse or fail, when assigned to duty by the Committee on Arrangements and Exercises, to participate in the literary exercises of the Club without sufficient excuse may be dropped in the same manner. (Amendment adopted February 4,1991)

Fifth.  Subsequent to the 7th day of October, 1991, any new member who fails to read a paper during three (3) Club years following his admission to membership, may be dropped from membership upon the recommendation of the Committee on Officers and Members, supported by three-fourths (3/4) vote of the members present at a regular meeting.

   Section 8. The membership of the Club is limited to one hundred and fifty members.

   Section 9. Any person in the state, not a resident of Indianapolis, may be elected a regular member, on condition that he pays the dues of regular members and fulfills his appointments in the literary exercises of the Club. Members who have had ten years of active membership and have attained the age of seventy-five, shall be exempt from duty on the program except by voluntary performance and they shall also be exempt from the payment of dues. (Amendment adopted October 21, 1946)

 By unanimous vote of the Executive Board, a member of the Club under the age of seventy-five, but with ten years of active membership, who because of continued disability is unable to participate in the activities of the Club, may be declared exempt from duty on the program and from the payment of dues. Such exemption may be for life or for such other period of time as the Board considers proper.



   Section 1. The officers of the Club shall be a President, three Vice Presidents, a Secretary, an Assistant Secretary, and a Treasurer. The offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined in one person if desired. (Amended November 29,1948; March 15, l976)

   Section 2. These officers shall be elected by ballot on the second meeting in April, or as soon thereafter as practicable. Starting with the nominations made in the year 1992, the member then holding the office of First Vice President shall be designated by the Committee on Officers and Members as the candidate for President unless he is unable or unwilling to serve. The election shall be announced by the presiding officer at least two regular meetings immediately preceding the election. In case of vacancy, the remaining officers may fill it by appointment. (Amended February 4, 1991)

   Section 3. The officers of the Club shall perform such duties as their titles imply. They shall also constitute an executive board for the transaction of all business not committed to any standing or special committee, and for the general management of the Club's affairs.


Standing Committees

   Section 1. There shall be three standing committees, consisting of five members each, to be elected when the officers are elected:

1. On Nominations of Officers and Members.

2. On Arrangements and Exercises.

3. On Rooms and Finance.

The chairman of each standing committee shall be exofficio one of the Vice Presidents.



   Section 1. Club meetings shall be held the first and third Monday evenings of each month of the year, except in the months of June, July, August, September and December, unless otherwise ordered by the Club. Persons residing out of Indianapolis metropolitan area may attend the meetings upon the invitation of a member; but no member shall invite more than one such person to attend the same meeting. No male resident of Indianapolis metropolitan area not a member may attend a meeting of the Club; except that candidates and prospective candidates for membership may be invited to attend one or two, but not more than two, meetings. The essayist for the evening when he is to read, may invite one male person to attend. Notice of such invitation is to be given to the Secretary. (Amended November 16, 1959; March 5, 1979; February 4, 1991)


   Section 1. The literary exercises in general shall not continue more than one hour.

   Section 2. The essayist shall elect his own subject, and be free to express any opinion whatsoever thereon.

   Section 3. The Club, as such, shall express no opinion on any subject.


Adopted 1908

   Section 1. The Committee on Rooms and Finance is authorized to draw orders on the Treasurer for such sums as may be necessary to pay for stationery, printing, postage, rent, cigars, and repair of furniture and decorations, and such other sums as may be necessary to pay for the usual obligations necessarily incurred as a result of the customary activities of the Club. (Amended February 4, 1991)

   Section 2. The Treasurer shall pay out money for no other purpose except on resolution of the Club; and any motion for such expenditure shall lie on the table until the next regular business meeting after its introduction, and copies thereof shall be mailed to all members of the Club.


A Quorum

Fifteen regular members of the Club shall constitute a quorum; but less number shall have power to adjourn from time to time.



The constitution may be amended at any business meeting by a vote of two-thirds of the members present, provided that the proposed amendment shall have been read and submitted to the Club in open session at the business meeting next preceding.