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David G. Vanderstel, Secretary
6779 E. Pleasant Run Parkway South Drive
Indianapolis, Indiana 46219

12 April 2021


The next meeting of the Indianapolis Literary Club will be Monday 19 April 2021 at 8:00 pm via Zoom. The essayist will be James P. Fadely who will read "Triumph and Tragedy: Casinos, Circuses, and Hotels."

It is not triumph which defines a man, but tragedy. Triumph always brings out the best in men, but tragedy shows us what we are made of.
American novelist Jocelyn Murray, The Roman General: A Novel

At the last meeting of the Club, President Joseph Hingtgen welcomed all to the meeting. There was no business from the Secretary. The Treasurer reported that the Club remains in sound financial condition with some members still needing to pay their annual dues; please do so since the current Club year is nearing an end. Jim Glass reminded members about the Tri-Lit event on the evening of 7 April.

First Vice President Alan McKenzie then presented the slate of officers and committee members for the 2021-2022 Club year. Members will vote at the next meeting.


President Alan T. McKenzie
First Vice President John J. Cooney
Second Vice President David A. Lips
Third Vice President Giles R. Hoyt
Secretary David G. Vanderstel
Assistant Secretary Antwain K. Hunter
Treasurer Richard E. Wiehe
Webmaster John F. Sweeney
Soundmaster Paul R. Halvorson
Assistant Soundmaster Randall Ayres

Foundation Trustees
James E. Lingenfelter, Jr. 2019/20 - 2021/22
Rozelle Boyd 2020/21 - 2022/23
Joseph N. Hingtgen 2021/22 - 2023/24 

On Nominations of Offices and Members
John J. Cooney, Chair
Andrew C. Emerson
Richard D. Feldman
James A. Glass
Giles R. Hoyt
Eugene W. Lausch
Stephen E. Towne

On Arrangements and Exercises
David A. Lips, Chair
James W. Brown
Fritz R. Gordner
Daniel L. Kirklin
Jack Wickes

On Rooms and Finance
Giles R. Hoyt, Chair
James E. Harvey
J. Gerald Janzen
Dallas E. Mulvaney
Richard C. Turner

The evening's essayist Stephen Towne presented his essay "Albion," which was an examination of the life and writings of American politician and author Albion W. Tourgée. He became involved in Reconstruction activities in North Carolina and was active in civil rights, founding the National Citizens' Rights Association and Bennett College for freedmen. A lively period of conversation followed.

The Secretary is pleased to issue the annual call for essays for the 2021-2022 Club year. Individuals wishing to present for the next year are encouraged to submit a tentative title and preferred month of presentation to the Secretary by 1 June 2021. New members and those who have not presented for some time are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to present an essay. Essays may cover any topic of choice, are to be read, and should last approximately 30 minutes with time allowed for questions and discussion. Proposed titles should be obscure and mask the actual topic of the essay, this being a long-time Club tradition. The Secretary will prepare the schedule in early summer. Preference will be given to those who have not presented recently. As of this point, we do not know the location of those meetings. Stay tuned....

Mark your calendars for Wednesday 12 May 2021 for a virtual Annual and Inaugural Meeting. Details will follow in the coming days.

Plan to attend the next Club meeting when essayist James P. Fadely will present "Triumph and Tragedy: Casinos, Circuses, and Hotels." What types of triumph and tragedy will the essayist address? And what do casinos, circuses, and hotels have to do with the story? The Secretary has a good idea, but you will need to attend to discover the topic. Details to access Zoom will follow later next weekend. Stay well and safe!

The Secretary